Are Drill Bits Interchangeable Between Brands?

In this blog post, you’ll read:Nowadays, more and more people try to complete home decoration projects by themselves, therefore, there is an increasing demand for hardware tools and their accessories. More and more multifunctional and complex electric tools have also emerged on the market, while it is difficult to be used for most people who have just been exposed to home decoration, thus, the replacement of consumables has also become an important problem.

Classification and Application of Drill Bits

The selection of drill bits first based on our needs. The commonly used drill types areas follow:  Twist Bits, Flat Wood Bits, Masonry Bits, Hole Saw, Step Drill Bit, Hammer Drill Bits, and Chisel. Among them, the most commonly used drill bit is Twist Bits, which is applicable to most personal home decoration cases and greatly demanded in large projects. Twist Bits is mainly used for common punching, and suitable for wood and metals. However, since its unified punch diameter and shank diameter, stricter the requirements for the chuck size of electric tools are. The common chuck size of electric tools is 3/8 inch (10 mm) and 1/2 inch (13 mm) used both in light-load work and heavy load work. Flat Wood Bits is generally suitable for punching boards with smaller apertures (less than 1 MM), while is difficult to dislodge due to the absence of a spiral groove. Masonry Bits is commonly used for brick and concrete punching with an alloy blade welded on top. Hole Saw, differently, is mainly used for wall, metal, or plastic opening, and is usually applied when the opening aperture is relatively large. Step Drill Bit is suitable for multiple apertures with a relatively fixed shank diameter. It is with relatively flexible opening apertures than other drill bits, however, it has a smaller opening depth. Hammer Drill Bits and Chisel, on the other side, are mainly used for breaking stones and concrete for different machines.

The choice of drill bit is based on the target material, punch diameter, punch depth, shank diameter and shape. Therefore, for varied purposes, materials and drilling needs, different drill bits are required. Take care and use only the right drill bit for the right purpose.

Drill Bits Replacement of Different Brands

There are two issues to consider on the replacement of drill bits from different brands. First, the shank diameter. The common shank diameter is divided into a circular and square shapes. At the same time, there are two special shapes in the circular shank: SDS and MAX type (commonly used in Hammer Drill Bits and Chisel). Second, the diameter of the shank, which must be the same as the chuck size of the electric tool. Therefore, different brands of drill bits can be used for any branded-machine that provided the same shank size and diameter.

Since different branded-drill bits can be used on the same machine, then what is the difference between different branded-drill bits? First, the material. For general large brands, such as BOSCH, MAKITA, etc., the selected drill bit is usually made of better material (M35 or M2), while the drill bit made-in-China has a wide range of materials, usually including M35, M2, W4341, and W4241 (from high to low quality). Secondly, the aesthetics of the packaging. Most Chinese enterprises fail to compete with some large brands in design ability, so the packaging of domestic drill bits is relatively simple and not so artistic. However, we cannot distinguish the difference between some large brands and Chinese drill bits during use. The quality of domestic drill bits made of the same material is slightly different from that of those international big brands, similarly, the effect of drilling is not inferior to that of the later. However, the price of domestic drill bits is very low, and even many large international manufacturers produce them in China. Our factory is located in Danyang City – the largest tool manufacturing base in China. Many international big brands of drill bits are produced and manufactured in our city. In terms of durability, the domestic drill bit is worse, while when considering both price and durability, the price/performance ratio of the domestic drill bit is still very high. If you choose expensive drill bits, how to maintain and preserve them is also a troublesome problem. Not stored properly, the bits can easily rust and become unuseful. So if you need a lot of drill bits to replace or have no time to maintain the drill bits, Chinese-made drill bits will be the best choice. At the same time, provided that your machine power is relatively high (greater than 1000w), then the better material is suggested for greater torque. If your drill is not torqued enough, it is likely to cause a burn to your engine.

In summary, there is a possibility of replacement on different brands of drill bits, provided the same shank size and diameter. Sometimes, it is unnecessary to choose those big brands of drills – expensive due to brand premiums, design costs, and advertising costs, etc.. Provided occasionally the use of a drill, a large brand of the drill bit is suggested for better design and after-sales service. However, provided that with the necessity to change the drill bit frequently, then the cheap Chinese drill bits may be better.